Angular Typesafe Reactive Forms Helper

Oct 2017 I wrote a post - Angular Typesafe Reactive Forms.

A few people started using the implementation and also suggested enhancements.

We started sharing code in the blog’s comments, then later I moved the code into a github gist angular-reactive-forms-helper.ts.
At least the gist file is one step better than comments, right? :)

Then, early last week one of my mates contacted me with a change request.
He created the suggested change in a gist file and shared it with me.
I then updated his changes into my gist.

I had enough, this thing should be Open Source so that everyone can contribute.

It only took me two and a half years to finally move the code to github…LOL

Thus, npm package angular-typesafe-reactive-forms-helper was born.

Now we all can make it better!

npm package: angular-typesafe-reactive-forms-helper
github: rpbeukes/angular-typesafe-reactive-forms-helper

Use it…don’t use it :)

PS: Hope you and your families keep safe during this crazy COVID-19 times.
We will get through this.